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  • Pilates Reactivated 01

    The one with standing footwork and freedom of movement
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  • TRX Flow 17/05/21

    TRX Flow is a class that will always challenge mobility, stability and flexibility in a slow moving environment.  Build strength mindfully and safely
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  • Pilates Reactivated 24/06/20

    A class with a focus on the importance ankle mobility and stability.  Learn how to both release and strengthen the muscles of the foot and ankle.  Feel the immediate effects throughout the body 
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  • Barre Class 1

    Enjoy a full length barre class at home.  You will need a chair along with a pilates ball (or any similar ball) and a light hand weight if you want to use one. Remember to modify or exclude any movement that is not suitable for you. Have fun!!
  • Pilates Reactivated 10

    This class can be used stand alone or as a continuation of Class 9.  Now we look at the the larger foundational systems of the body including the longitudinal systems along with the vital pelvic and spinal stabilisation
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  • Pilates Reactivated 09

    This class focuses on the sometimes ignored foundational systems of the body - breath, trunk integration and the poor neglected feet
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  • Pilates Reactivated 08

    r nervous system is often running "programs" that use holding or movement patterns that based on habits of compensation.  In this class we simply use movement, with no rules, to reduce the tightness and restriction in our bodies.  By using unusual movement patterns and integrating all systems of the body, we will feel immediate changes
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  • Pilates Reactivated 07

    The one where we find out what we can't do anymore!  Let's reclaim it and at the same time find release in overworked muscles and wake up those that are less active
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  • Pilates Reactivated 06

    The one where we find the tremor!! Learn how to reintegrate shoulder & hip stabilisers and move muscularly around these critical joints
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