Course Category: Head

  • Head and Neck Release | Foam Roller

    A gentle release to effectively release tension that builds around the head and neck. Done daily this release will help to relieve tension of poor postural habits that can lead to headaches, fatigue, tightness and restriction. Remember to keep the neck free of the roller – it is positioned under the bones of the skull. Really let the head be heavy to that the roller fully supports the weight of the head and your neck and shoulders can relax. Try lying on the floor before you complete the release and test your neck range of motion side to side. Repeat the test at the end of the release and enjoy the difference.
  • Calf Release | Franklin Balls

    Release and hydrate calves quickly and effectively using the Franklin Balls.  This release is done kneeling so not suitable if that is not possible. This area is notoriously tight and can have a negative effect on movement patterns, recruitment of other muscle groups such as glutes and of course contribute to foot and joint pain.  This release is effective on it's own and also as preparation for other stretches or movements you may be doing to maintain healthy calves.
  • Head & Neck Release | Manual

    A simple release that requires no props.  A great option to relieve neck tension created by hours at the desk or driving.  This is not a stretch but rather works with the nervous system to restore length to musculature of both the front and back of the neck.  Move slowly and without tension to find wonderful relief and restored range of motion.