Course Category: Franklin Balls

  • Piriformis TFL Adductor Release | Franklin Balls

    A release that targets three muscle groups that can be very tight or inactive.  Piriformis houses the sciatic nerve so definitely a muscle to keep hydrated and happy.  The release of all three muscles can be very impactful in providing relief from pain and tension but also restoring range of motion in actions such as squatting.
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  • Hip Flexor Release | Franklin Balls

    A simple, gentle and very effective release of the hips flexors and other muscles of the hip using the Franklin Balls.  This will release all of the tension in the hips and low back using imagery and relaxation for maximum benefit. Lie on the floor before you commence this release -  notice how your pelvis is feeling on the floor.  Check in again after the release and notice the truly incredible difference.  This release is a great way for the "desk dweller" to relieve the tension that can accumulate through hours of sitting and is just as valuable for an athlete looking for maximum performance and recovery.
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