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  • Upper Body Rotation | Foam Roller

    A gentle release of the stuck stress through the upper back caused by postural habits, most occupations and even sports! This will increase range of motion, release short tight muscles of the chest and encourage healthy rotation without misuse of the shoulder. Modifications are provided for those with shoulder issues and regular use of this release may help relieve tension throughout the neck, shoulder and even lower back. Move nice and slowly throughout and take the time to compare your sides before repeating on the other side.
  • Upper Back Release | Franklin Balls

    A simple release to target the stuck stress of the upper back, shoulders and also the neck.  Simple movements to find and release restriction, stiffness and tender areas associated with poor postural and alignment habits.  A great daily release to unravel "another day at the desk" 
  • Upper Back Release | Foam Roller

    An easy but effective release of the stuck stress that can accumulate throughout the connective tissues of the upper back, shoulders and rib cage. This tension is caused by rounded shoulders and forward head posture. If released regularly we will not only feel better but we can help facilitate correct use of the muscles that should be holding us in alignment. Listen out for the cues of rib position in particular to avoid moving from the wrong place and placing pressure in the low back. These movements are small but extremely effective.
  • Upper Back Chest Release | Foam Roller

    A great daily release sequence to unravel tension that builds throughout our days at the desk in the car or on the phone. Gentle releases incorporating the breath will release tightness throughout the upper back, chest, shoulders and neck. Ensure you enter and lie on the roller safely with both head and sacrum supported. Lie on the floor before and after to feel the benefit of what looks like very simple movements. Options given for those with shoulder issues. Always work within your safe range of motion. Relax throughout – try and do this with no tension.
  • Shoulders Upper Back Rotational | Manual Release

    This release provides an amazing release to restore rotation through the upper back.  Done in stages, you will improve range of motion in the shoulders, upper back whilst acknowledging the connection to the hips.  You will also feel deeply relaxed.  For those of us stuck at the desk or participating in sports that rotate in one direction only (such as cricket) or take us forward (such as hockey) this release is must! No props required.
  • Shoulders Ribs Release | Foam Roller

    A release focusing on the muscles of the upper ribs, upper back and the shoulder itself. The muscles that secure and strength seal the shoulder joint are often inactive due to our daily postural habits. If there is a marked difference between your two sides, give some thought to your daily habits (eg mouse hand, hand bag shoulder or any repeated action in your sport or occupation) and changes that could be made to reduce tension. These areas can be very tender so have a towel handy to reduce the pressure. Be sure to support your head as instructed to keep the neck safe.
  • Sacroiliac (SI) Joint Low Back and Hip Release | Foam Roller

    A low back and sacroiliac (SI) joint release along that will provide relief from tension and pain in the low back and hips. This release also includes some techniques that will create some deep recruitment of the pelvic stabilisers which will allow the nervous system to learn how to more efficiently stabilise the pelvis. You should feel a tremor of these deep, hard to find muscles which turn on automatically. The goal is to allow the nervous system to find these muscles without the need for “sucking” or “scooping” or squeezing of the glutes – all methods that our conscious brain will use to incorrectly stabilise this area and in so doing create tightness and tension. Enjoy the work in this one and then enjoy the amazing release you have worked hard for!
  • Piriformis TFL Adductor Release | Franklin Balls

    A release that targets three muscle groups that can be very tight or inactive.  Piriformis houses the sciatic nerve so definitely a muscle to keep hydrated and happy.  The release of all three muscles can be very impactful in providing relief from pain and tension but also restoring range of motion in actions such as squatting.
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  • Pilates Reactivated 01

    The one with standing footwork and freedom of movement
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