Course Category: My Movement Therapy

  • Foot Release | Small Ball

    Using a small soft ball to hydrate and mobilise the connective tissue of the feet. Feel immediate release of tension and re-connection to the feet.  As there are nerves in the feet that have a connection to the vulnerable lower vertebrae of the back, you may also find this a back and hip release.  Including a very specific stretch of the smaller muscles of the calf this sequence is designed to improve ankle mobility and overall function.
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  • Pilates Reactivated 06

    The one where we find the tremor!! Learn how to reintegrate shoulder & hip stabilisers and move muscularly around these critical joints
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  • Foot Release | Manual

    Our feet are so important but often neglected - from the ground up our alignment and proprioception depend on them.  Your feet also share connections with our most vulnerable lower lumbar vertebrae so don't be surprised if this release helps with back pain too. A super simple release you can do anywhere anytime just with your own hands.  Take the time to stand on a firm surface before your start - close your eyes and observe where your weight falls, how your knees and hips feel.  Do one foot, stand and feel the difference between the two - let your nervous system feel the difference before you repeat on the other foot.
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  • Pilates Reactivated 08

    r nervous system is often running "programs" that use holding or movement patterns that based on habits of compensation.  In this class we simply use movement, with no rules, to reduce the tightness and restriction in our bodies.  By using unusual movement patterns and integrating all systems of the body, we will feel immediate changes
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  • Xmas Bonus 2019

    Enjoy a delicious treat for your feet with your using essential oil lotion.  Follow along to do our foot gymnastics and optional foot boot camp.  Treat your feet and feel the benefits from the ground up!
  • Pilates Reactivated 09

    This class focuses on the sometimes ignored foundational systems of the body - breath, trunk integration and the poor neglected feet
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  • Pilates Reactivated 10

    This class can be used stand alone or as a continuation of Class 9.  Now we look at the the larger foundational systems of the body including the longitudinal systems along with the vital pelvic and spinal stabilisation
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  • Barre Class 1

    Enjoy a full length barre class at home.  You will need a chair along with a pilates ball (or any similar ball) and a light hand weight if you want to use one. Remember to modify or exclude any movement that is not suitable for you. Have fun!!
  • Living Anatomy Series – Pelvic Floor Workshop 160220

    For both men and women the pelvic floor represents a critical area not talked about enough. Join Veronica in this workshop that looks at detailed anatomy of the pelvic floor, its relationship to the rest of us such as the abdominal wall and the diaphragm. Learn how we can facilitate proper organization of the body so we can move spontaneously and naturally to improve pelvic floor function every day.
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