Course Category: My Movement Therapy

  • Pilates Reactivated 24/06/20

    A class with a focus on the importance ankle mobility and stability.  Learn how to both release and strengthen the muscles of the foot and ankle.  Feel the immediate effects throughout the body 
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  • Chakra & Neural Connections Workshop 21st March 2021

    Join Veronica & Madison as we explore eastern philosophies and neuroscience as they release to chakras.  Energy centres of of our bodies that link to emotions, motor and sensory pathways, glands and organs.  See demonstrations of energy medicine and learn how important it is to acknowledge all systems of the body.  
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  • TRX Flow 17/05/21

    TRX Flow is a class that will always challenge mobility, stability and flexibility in a slow moving environment.  Build strength mindfully and safely
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  • Living Anatomy Series | Pelvic Floor

    For both men and women the pelvic floor represents a critical area not talked about enough. This workshop looks at detailed anatomy of the pelvic floor, its relationship to the rest of us such as the abdominal wall and the diaphragm. Learn how we can facilitate proper organization of the body so we can move spontaneously and naturally to improve pelvic floor function every day.  Learn how we can unintentionally do damage to our pelvic floor as we go about our normal day and during exercise. Come to understand that even when we are trying to improve the strength of pelvic floor, are we really aware of what we are doing? Are we doing what we think we are doing?   Look at research on the pelvic floor and see the misunderstandings many people have and new ways to focus on alignment instead of contracting muscles.During this workshop you may be looking at an empty chair!  During these times Veronica is assisting participants to ensure correct movement during the workout portion of the class.
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  • Head & Neck Release | Manual

    A simple release that requires no props.  A great option to relieve neck tension created by hours at the desk or driving.  This is not a stretch but rather works with the nervous system to restore length to musculature of both the front and back of the neck.  Move slowly and without tension to find wonderful relief and restored range of motion.
  • Calf Release | Foam Roller

    A gentle release of what can be a very uncomfortable area. Calves are notoriously tight and have a significant effect on how efficiently we are able to move. A very important release to ensure optimal function and alignment. This release focuses on the stuck stress in the calves with options to progress for those who feel that it is appropriate and tolerable to do so. This is a great release to do daily as a standalone sequence or use it prior to stretching to optimise the effectiveness of work you may already be doing.
  • Calf Release | Franklin Balls

    Release and hydrate calves quickly and effectively using the Franklin Balls.  This release is done kneeling so not suitable if that is not possible. This area is notoriously tight and can have a negative effect on movement patterns, recruitment of other muscle groups such as glutes and of course contribute to foot and joint pain.  This release is effective on it's own and also as preparation for other stretches or movements you may be doing to maintain healthy calves.
  • Foot Release | Franklin Balls

    This release will hydrate the tissues of the feet and help to improve mobility.  Your feet are hanging off your hips so the impact of this release will potentially be felt all the through to hips and low back.  Take the time to compare one foot to the other - amazing!!  Although a little more effective standing, this release can be done seated so can easily be done under the desk throughout the day.
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  • Hamstring Release | Franklin Balls

    Use the Franklin Balls to hydrate and mobilise the hamstrings and connective tissues.  Quick and easy this release will instantly restore length and relaxation.  Take a moment to sit on the floor before and observe the way your pelvis sits on the ground - can you feel your sit bones? Do you feel uncomfortable?  Complete the release and compare again.  Use this release in isolation or to relieve tension before and after training or a long day at the desk.