Course Category: My Movement Therapy

  • Cultivating Mental Wellness Workshop 14/05/22

    Join Dr Claire Noonan, Veronica Sutherland and Madison Sutherland for an interactive session to optimise your mental well-being.  Blending ancient wisdom and modern science, get ready to be inspired and take home our tiny daily action steps to support and nurture you through winter and beyond.
  • Lymphatic Workshop 26/3/22

    Learn all about this critically important system of our bodies.  What is it?  What does it do?  How does it effect and maintain every other tissue, cell and organ in our bodies.  What can we do to ensure it is functioning well.  This is super important for every human – thank you for being here
  • TRX Flow 17/05/21

    TRX Flow is a class that will always challenge mobility, stability and flexibility in a slow moving environment.  Build strength mindfully and safely
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  • Chakra & Neural Connections Workshop 21st March 2021

    Join Veronica & Madison as we explore eastern philosophies and neuroscience as they release to chakras.  Energy centres of of our bodies that link to emotions, motor and sensory pathways, glands and organs.  See demonstrations of energy medicine and learn how important it is to acknowledge all systems of the body.  
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  • Pilates Reactivated 24/06/20

    A class with a focus on the importance ankle mobility and stability.  Learn how to both release and strengthen the muscles of the foot and ankle.  Feel the immediate effects throughout the body 
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  • Living Anatomy Series – Pelvic Floor Workshop 160220

    For both men and women the pelvic floor represents a critical area not talked about enough. Join Veronica in this workshop that looks at detailed anatomy of the pelvic floor, its relationship to the rest of us such as the abdominal wall and the diaphragm. Learn how we can facilitate proper organization of the body so we can move spontaneously and naturally to improve pelvic floor function every day.
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  • Barre Class 1

    Enjoy a full length barre class at home.  You will need a chair along with a pilates ball (or any similar ball) and a light hand weight if you want to use one. Remember to modify or exclude any movement that is not suitable for you. Have fun!!
  • Pilates Reactivated 10

    This class can be used stand alone or as a continuation of Class 9.  Now we look at the the larger foundational systems of the body including the longitudinal systems along with the vital pelvic and spinal stabilisation
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  • Pilates Reactivated 09

    This class focuses on the sometimes ignored foundational systems of the body - breath, trunk integration and the poor neglected feet
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