Course Category: My Movement Therapy

  • Xmas Bonus 2019

    Enjoy a delicious treat for your feet with your using essential oil lotion.  Follow along to do our foot gymnastics and optional foot boot camp.  Treat your feet and feel the benefits from the ground up!
  • Pilates Reactivated 08

    r nervous system is often running "programs" that use holding or movement patterns that based on habits of compensation.  In this class we simply use movement, with no rules, to reduce the tightness and restriction in our bodies.  By using unusual movement patterns and integrating all systems of the body, we will feel immediate changes
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  • Pilates Reactivated 07

    The one where we find out what we can't do anymore!  Let's reclaim it and at the same time find release in overworked muscles and wake up those that are less active
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  • Pilates Reactivated 06

    The one where we find the tremor!! Learn how to reintegrate shoulder & hip stabilisers and move muscularly around these critical joints
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  • Foot Release | Small Ball

    Using a small soft ball to hydrate and mobilise the connective tissue of the feet. Feel immediate release of tension and re-connection to the feet.  As there are nerves in the feet that have a connection to the vulnerable lower vertebrae of the back, you may also find this a back and hip release.  Including a very specific stretch of the smaller muscles of the calf this sequence is designed to improve ankle mobility and overall function.
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  • Pilates Reactivated 05

    Most of us have tight hips and areas of restriction that make performance of traditional Pilates exercises very difficult.  In this class we utilise the Franklin Balls to facilitate correct movement to ensure the benefits of the exercise are achieved correctly.  As a consequence, we will achieve release of tension and restriction caused by poor movement patterns.
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  • Footwork Series

    An extremely powerful way to mobilise the muscles of both the front and back of the lower leg.  This will create improved range of motion for the ankle & knee, improved foot function, increased length and facilitation of all of the muscles of the lower leg.  All aspects of the foot and leg are addressed in this series.  An excellent warm up prior to any exercise or sporting activity and as a maintenance routine to keep feet, knees and ankles moving well whilst reducing tightness and restriction of all associated muscles.
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  • Pilates Reactivated 04

    The one with lots of footwork and hip mobilisation in all directions. Let’s get our ankle and hip mobility back!!
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  • Pilates Reactivated 03

    The one where we restore thoracic mobility, release and stabilise shoulders & hips and then plank it out!! Props: Franklin Balls
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