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  • Head and Neck Release | Foam Roller

    A gentle release to effectively release tension that builds around the head and neck. Done daily this release will help to relieve tension of poor postural habits that can lead to headaches, fatigue, tightness and restriction. Remember to keep the neck free of the roller – it is positioned under the bones of the skull. Really let the head be heavy to that the roller fully supports the weight of the head and your neck and shoulders can relax. Try lying on the floor before you complete the release and test your neck range of motion side to side. Repeat the test at the end of the release and enjoy the difference.
  • Hip Flexor Release | Franklin Balls

    A simple, gentle and very effective release of the hips flexors and other muscles of the hip using the Franklin Balls.  This will release all of the tension in the hips and low back using imagery and relaxation for maximum benefit. Lie on the floor before you commence this release -  notice how your pelvis is feeling on the floor.  Check in again after the release and notice the truly incredible difference.  This release is a great way for the "desk dweller" to relieve the tension that can accumulate through hours of sitting and is just as valuable for an athlete looking for maximum performance and recovery.
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  • Hip Quad Release | Franklin Balls

    A release that incorporates a number of sequences to release the areas that are tight for most of us!  The first part of this release will release tension in the low back and provide relief from pain.  Progressing on to actively release the hip flexor incorporating ankle mobility. Finally a release for the quads.  Enjoy all part of the entire sequence! 
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  • Inner Thigh Release | Foam Roller

    Use the foam roller to hydrate and lengthen the notoriously tight muscles and connective tissues of the inner thigh.  This area can be associated with hip dysfunction, knee pain and poor movement patterns if not moving well. Work at the level that suits you. Although commonly tender, the aim is not to feel excessive pain but to gently encourage the release of these tissues.
  • Lower Body Quads | Foam Roller

    A notoriously tight area are the quads (front of the thighs). Continued tightness will definitely cause discomfort and can lead to issues with how efficiently associated muscles or joints can function such as hamstrings and knees. This release can highlight some very tender areas so don’t overdo it. A pain level beyond a 4 or 5 would suggest the foam roller is a little intense. Safety of the low back, neck and shoulders are highlighted throughout so take care to listen to the cues.
  • Pilates Reactivated 01

    The one with standing footwork and freedom of movement
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  • Piriformis TFL Adductor Release | Franklin Balls

    A release that targets three muscle groups that can be very tight or inactive.  Piriformis houses the sciatic nerve so definitely a muscle to keep hydrated and happy.  The release of all three muscles can be very impactful in providing relief from pain and tension but also restoring range of motion in actions such as squatting.
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  • Sacroiliac (SI) Joint Low Back and Hip Release | Foam Roller

    A low back and sacroiliac (SI) joint release along that will provide relief from tension and pain in the low back and hips. This release also includes some techniques that will create some deep recruitment of the pelvic stabilisers which will allow the nervous system to learn how to more efficiently stabilise the pelvis. You should feel a tremor of these deep, hard to find muscles which turn on automatically. The goal is to allow the nervous system to find these muscles without the need for “sucking” or “scooping” or squeezing of the glutes – all methods that our conscious brain will use to incorrectly stabilise this area and in so doing create tightness and tension. Enjoy the work in this one and then enjoy the amazing release you have worked hard for!
  • Shoulders Ribs Release | Foam Roller

    A release focusing on the muscles of the upper ribs, upper back and the shoulder itself. The muscles that secure and strength seal the shoulder joint are often inactive due to our daily postural habits. If there is a marked difference between your two sides, give some thought to your daily habits (eg mouse hand, hand bag shoulder or any repeated action in your sport or occupation) and changes that could be made to reduce tension. These areas can be very tender so have a towel handy to reduce the pressure. Be sure to support your head as instructed to keep the neck safe.