Course Category: Neck

  • Head and Neck Release | Foam Roller

    A gentle release to effectively release tension that builds around the head and neck. Done daily this release will help to relieve tension of poor postural habits that can lead to headaches, fatigue, tightness and restriction. Remember to keep the neck free of the roller – it is positioned under the bones of the skull. Really let the head be heavy to that the roller fully supports the weight of the head and your neck and shoulders can relax. Try lying on the floor before you complete the release and test your neck range of motion side to side. Repeat the test at the end of the release and enjoy the difference.
  • Neck Shoulder Arm Release | Manual

    The simplest of techniques to hydrate and release tension from the neck all the way down to the hand.  The use of imagery as a tool is a powerful addition to improve range of motion and increase the glide of connective tissue that becomes stiff and dehydrated from hours in the same position.  A particularly useful release for those who spend their days at a desk over a keyboard as it can be done throughout the day as often as you like.