Course Category: Quads

  • Lower Body Quads | Foam Roller

    A notoriously tight area are the quads (front of the thighs). Continued tightness will definitely cause discomfort and can lead to issues with how efficiently associated muscles or joints can function such as hamstrings and knees. This release can highlight some very tender areas so don’t overdo it. A pain level beyond a 4 or 5 would suggest the foam roller is a little intense. Safety of the low back, neck and shoulders are highlighted throughout so take care to listen to the cues.
  • Hip Quad Release | Franklin Balls

    A release that incorporates a number of sequences to release the areas that are tight for most of us!  The first part of this release will release tension in the low back and provide relief from pain.  Progressing on to actively release the hip flexor incorporating ankle mobility. Finally a release for the quads.  Enjoy all part of the entire sequence! 
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  • Quads & Pelvis Release

    Use this drill to gently and effectively relax the quads, mobilise the ankle & hip joint and release tension from the entire hip musculature.  Gentle enough to do every day for daily release and unraveling of the hours spent seated at work.  It is also effective enough to use as part of both preparation and recovery before and after your favourite sport or workout.  For young athletes, this release will provide release of tension without forcing range of motion not always appropriate in growing bodies.
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