Course Category: No equipment

  • Shoulders Upper Back Rotational | Manual Release

    This release provides an amazing release to restore rotation through the upper back.  Done in stages, you will improve range of motion in the shoulders, upper back whilst acknowledging the connection to the hips.  You will also feel deeply relaxed.  For those of us stuck at the desk or participating in sports that rotate in one direction only (such as cricket) or take us forward (such as hockey) this release is must! No props required.
  • Rhomboids Release | Manual

    This notoriously tight muscle group lives between and under your shoulder blades.  Working in unison with chest muscles, rhomboid are important for scapular retraction and good shoulder position.  This release will target the rhomboids directly and the release you gain can be highly effective in releasing tension through the chest, shoulders and neck.  These are not huge muscles so the contraction is not too strong - easy does it!!