Course Category: Foam Roller

  • Upper Back Release | Foam Roller

    An easy but effective release of the stuck stress that can accumulate throughout the connective tissues of the upper back, shoulders and rib cage. This tension is caused by rounded shoulders and forward head posture. If released regularly we will not only feel better but we can help facilitate correct use of the muscles that should be holding us in alignment. Listen out for the cues of rib position in particular to avoid moving from the wrong place and placing pressure in the low back. These movements are small but extremely effective.
  • Upper Back Chest Release | Foam Roller

    A great daily release sequence to unravel tension that builds throughout our days at the desk in the car or on the phone. Gentle releases incorporating the breath will release tightness throughout the upper back, chest, shoulders and neck. Ensure you enter and lie on the roller safely with both head and sacrum supported. Lie on the floor before and after to feel the benefit of what looks like very simple movements. Options given for those with shoulder issues. Always work within your safe range of motion. Relax throughout – try and do this with no tension.