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Saturday 28th May

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  • Yoga Nidra 20/05/22

    Get comfortable. Bring the props you need to help you be as comfy as possible (you can even lay in bed). Enjoy this time for you. Namaste x
  • Yin Yoga 21/05/22

    The intention of this class is releasing the suffering that comes from creating likes and dislikes (in our practice & in our daily life). This is a beautiful class to help you befriend the challenges in life. You will need a yoga mat, a blanket, a bolster, two blocks and an optional strap. Enjoy your practice. Namaste x
  • Dharma Yoga (5 Klesahs Week 1) 02/05/22

    Welcome to week one of exploring the 5 Klesahs (obstacles) with Madison.  The Klesahs are the hindrances of the mind that stop us from achieving inner peace. We all experience these hindrances in some form or another. Yoga is a practice designed to help us clear these obstacles so that we can achieve a state of peace and live our lives as we truly are. In this class we go through the first and most important obstacle – ‘Ignorance’ You will need a Yoga mat, a bolster (pillow), a blanket, a strap (belt/towel) and two blocks (two books). Enjoy your practice, thank you for being here. Namaste x
  • Barre & Rhythm Pilates 08/03/22

    You will need a pilates ball, a hand weight and an optional band for this class. Enjoy!
  • Power Yoga 14/03/22

    Join Madison for a wonderful Power Yoga Class. You will need your yoga mat, two blocks, a bolster (or a big pillow), a blanket and potentially a strap. Enjoy your class, Namaste x
  • Yoga Beats 07/03/22

    Yoga Beats is a Yoga class choreographed to music! You will need a Yoga Mat and two yoga blocks (books/pillows will do). Enjoy your class and have fun!
  • Barre & Rhythm Pilates 11/04/22

    This class is a deep hip release (working to release – our favourite). You will need a pilates ball, a medium/heavy hand weight and one glider. Have fun!
  • 45 Minute Power Yoga Class 04/04/22

    Join Madison for a challenging Power Yoga Class – this is a great one to help you get a quick workout + meditation into your day. You will need your yoga mat, a bolster, two blocks, a blanket and a strap for support. Enjoy your class. Namaste x

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