A Personal Approach To Restoring Balance Through Movement Therapy

This unique work offered in a one on one environment allows clients to achieve remarkable and instant results. Sessions are generally 1.5 hours and include before and after photos along with at home reminders of how to use these powerful techniques at home.


Poor posture and alignment have a systemic impact on the body.  Reduced range of motion of joints, muscular tightness and restriction and associated pain are the obvious symptoms. What is often not considered is the impact on our physiology – our ability to breathe effectively, organ and nervous system function are all potentially inhibited when poor alignment is ongoing.  The human body is a very powerful system driven by some 86 billion neurons.

The muscles specifically responsible for holding us up are subconsciously driven.  These can become inactive due to injury, repeated movement patterns associated with sport or occupation or of course the hours spent sitting in poor position.  Rather than correct alignment, our brain will find a different way to move us – a compensation pattern will soon become “normal” and this is the program we will run. To connect to these subconscious programs is not done through training or exercise but rather through powerful alignment protocols founded in the world of neuroplasticity will immediately work to allow you to reconnect to the deepest stabilisers of the spine and pelvis.

Before and after photos will prove the results and you will know how to maintain this new alignment throughout every day and every movement you make.  Regardless of age or injury status you can learn how to finish every day stronger rather than weaker.



This Activation system offers a powerful new perspective on why the body becomes dysfunctional. An Activated body will change from a state of tension and pain to a strong relaxed state of excellent performance.

When we do the right thing, the body responds immediately. As well as treating injuries and enhancing sporting performance, it’s a powerful way to stimulate inactive pathways of muscular recruitment and breaks common patterns of chronic pain.


Movement patterns are the scaffolding on which cognition is built. Our capacity for complex movement involves the resonance of neurons with the brain and spinal cord and the intricate coordination of muscles and joints.  Focused movement or “exercise” should not, and does not have to be, compartmentalised or isolated.

The AMN system allows us to assess for imbalances in muscle strength, a range of motion, coordination, balance and pain modulation. Via the assessment and stimulation of feedback loops with the nervous system, we can then reassess and provide evidence of measurable outcomes for clients.

Survival is reliant on fuel and activation; which encompasses movement nutrition and oxygen.  Stillness is the opposite or absence of life.  Existing with immobility, poor flexibility, joint fixations, muscular adhesions and/or unexplored movement potential is to limit the experience of life itself.


Before: This client had a thoracic scoliosis along with a forward rotation of the right hip.
After: Upper back is now lifted and symmetrical. Pelvis is symmetrical and rotation on the right has been corrected

Before: Clients feet are badly pronating – ankles rolling in
After: arches are lifted, ankles now in much better alignment

Before: This client had an uneven pelvis shown clearly by line of creases in shirt running from left shoulder blade to right hip.
After: Clients pelvis is now much more even.



  • Dear Veronica,

    Thanks to you, my holidays in Cuba have been more enjoyable. For example, jumping madly like a frog off a packed bus and coping with bad beds! I did 3 hours of trail horse riding in a UNESCO world heritage valley and the next day I was ready for snorkelling. So you are travelling with me and I am trying to remember our classes 😎

    God Bless you for your teaching

  • Veronica is always so positively helpful and has consistently been that way in the past 6 years I have known her! Rather than advise me to stop riding horses (a common but unwanted suggestion) she always has new exercises to try to help me manage the range of musculoskeletal injuries that I have sustained from riding – well falling!

    Currently these injuries are minor (fractured toes) but have also been major (fractured vertebrae) and varied, all of which contribute to me having even worse posture than usual and sadly being uneven in my physique. The range of techniques that Veronica has shared with me over the years have all helped immensely.

    Whether it be encouragement during strength training at Curves, Pilates, PNF, or other techniques that I do not know the name of, sometimes her work is bordering on miraculous, giving me the feeling of being able to walk straight and freely after only one session!

    Dr Amanda Warren-Smith PhD (and crazy horse rider!)
  • Just want to give you a huge thank you for helping me with my plantar fasciitis, getting rid of my orthotics all together and being pain free, able to wear thongs and go bare footed is the best feeling in the world after having your feet confined to shoes for a number of years. Who would of thought how easy it can be by simply waking up my muscles to start working like they should be.
    Thanks again.

    Mark Stoffels


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